Karaoke Rental for home and Professonal

Simple to use, compact, reliable Karaoke rental, or hosted for large parties.


Johnny Stewart is a pioneer of Karaoke in the United States and loving every minute of it since 1989.


“I love what it does for people. It brings people together, all the generations. I hear about doctors and lawyers acting like teenagers. I get to hear the fun details when I pick up the equipment.”


Johnny has more experience than anyone. He can help you make your party a rocking success.


 He delivers, set up and show you how to operate the very easy to use equipment, . Song lists are delivered in books or save the song list on your smart phone, tablet and computer. No slow internet downloads. The songs are already in the player. Johnny does what no one else does, he is ready to assist you at any time during your party. Even late night.  Just a call away.


  • No internet connection needed, Songs play instantly.
  • Blends into your living space. Karaoke player is the size of a small briefcase.
  • Book, lists songs by artists and titles or put the lists on your phone.
  • Operates with a remote.
  • Two speakers, two microphones and we connect to any flat screen.
  • We do the delivery, setup and pick up.
  • A 9 year old will learn the equipment in 5 minutes. They host their own party.
  • Delivery included within 10 miles of L.A.X., delivery charge over 10.
  • Prices start at $150 for home karaoke rentals and $250 for restaurants, hotels, apartment rec-rooms, bars and other non-residences.

Great Karaoke Theme Party Ideas:

Print these song lists or put them on your phone.

 50’s costume ideas.  “Find my Blue Suede Shoes”?

Save this 50’s Song List





60’s costume ideas.   Get out the tie dye

Save this 60’s Song List



70s70’s costume ideas“Glad I saved that Nehru Jacket”

Save this 70’s Song List



80’s costume ideas.80s group  Idea! Put on that Spandex

 Save this 80’s Song List



Britney90’s costume ideas.  Put on those cargo pants.

Save this 90’s Song List 


wheel-with-stand karaoke-wheelDry Erase Karaoke Song Wheel $35 rental fee.

Put singers’ names on outside rim, then put song names or song numbers on the inside. First, spin to see who spins next. that person spins to find out what song to sing. The next person’s name will be on the same panel as song title. You can also give the contestant a second choice by including a mystery song number from the book. Pick songs from themes: 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Sing Along! Karaoke, Use your Flat-Screen, we will connect it for you. Save on renting one.

home-with-flat-screen-smallNow we have flat-screens, everyone sees the words together.  No one is on display, nobody is shy.  It’s just fun. Now everyone is singing along without a mic.  Next, they are grabbing for the mic.  Next thing you know they won’t let the microphone go. I’ve heard the story over and over again.


Past Clients include:

universal NBCfoxcbs logowarner brothersParamountkcet az sunset gower prospect






New Songs Every Month


 Pitbull Pharrell williams Minaj, Nicki Menzel, Idina Mars, Bruno Jessie j Iggy az Frozen movie alicia keys 5 seconds of summer9C0EYB6KCQlmfaobeatlesmichael jacksonERTUFJXC15WFHKXCVNM0WETYAGKZB7WTYD034568TTDZN23458carlySheeran, Ed
Karaoke for all occasions: Anniversary party, Baby Shower, Baby’s First Year, Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, BBQ / Pool Party, Birthday for Her,  Birthday for Him, Birthday for Kids, Birthday MilestonesBridal ShowerBrunch / LunchCharity / FundraisersClubs / Groups Cocktail Party, Dinner Party, Family Gathering, Game Night, Girls’ Night, Guys’ Night, Happy Hour, Hostess Party, House Party, Housewarming, Kids’ Corner, Night on the Town, Outdoor Fun, Pot luck, Professional Events, Religious, Sports / Leagues, Trips and Getaways, UFC Fight Night, Watch the Game, Wedding / Engagement, retirement and talent contest. Now it’s your turn to think of something.