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We have designed our own equipment to be reliable, compact and simple to use.

  • Our equipment does not require internet connection, Songs load instantly and are mp3 quality.
  • We have designed our equipment to be compact and blend into your living space. Karaoke player is the size of a small briefcase. Speakers are professional and sit in the corners or you area.
  • Songs are listed in a book listing the songs by artists and titles. Stand back and operate with a remote.
  • Equipment includes two professional speakers and two microphones and connects to any flat screen.
  • We do the setup, delivery and pick up.
  • A 9 year old will learn the equipment in 5 minutes. They host their own party.
  • Prices start a $125 for home karaoke rentals and $250 for restaurants, hotels, apartment rec-rooms, bars and other non-residences.


Not Just Rentals, We are a service.

Karaoke is fun for everyone if you do it right.   Our karaoke business is a service.  We bring the equipment to you.  We set up the equipment, show you how to operate it.  Very easy to use. Song lists available on line with your smart phone, tablet and computer. Song list also in the books we deliver with the equipment so you can view without standing at equipment. No need to worry about slow internet downloads. We use  media.

We do what no one else does, We are ready to assist you at any time during your party. Even late night.  Just call.

Sing Along! Karaoke  Now that most people have flat screens on the wall.  Everyone sees the words together and nobody is shy.  We are not standing in front of an audience worried how well we do.  We just do it and it’s fun.  If someone says they don’t like karaoke, what they really mean is, they are afraid to get up in front of their friends or strangers.  First they are singing along without a mic.  Next thing you know they are grabbing for the mic.  Next thing you know they won’t let the microphone go.  I’ve heard the story over and over again.

We don’t specialize in “karaoke machines” or magic mics. We have tried them.  They don’t last.  We have better luck with professional equipment.  This equipment shines in the residential home as it does in a nightclub.  In the long run it’s less costly to use this professional gear which is more expensive but is a lot more durable.

Great in limited space.  Our equipment almost disappears in your living room.   It’s not a large cumbersome karaoke machine.  The player /computer designed by Johnny is about the size of a briefcase.  The speakers are tucked into the corners of your room, sitting on the floor and rocking back.  You sit back and use the remote.  There is not a competing system out there as dependable or as easy to use. Larger non-residential systems are available.

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