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Rental Agreement to be filled out at time of delivery


Karaoke Guy Rental Tearms and Agreement

5 hour rental. pick up next morning if late night party. If outdoors, pick up time is no later than 11:00 pm.

  1. ____ Please confirm the equipment is undamaged and in working order. Some minor dents may be present on mics.  Microphones are taped to cords as a precaution.
  2. ____ Please do not move equipment without permission.
  3. ____ Please do not connect or disconnect any wires/cords other than the power cords.  $200 fee for shorted out equipment!
  4. ____ Please don’t lift books by the cover.
  5. ____ Please do not wrap/wind any cords. They are made of stranded wires.
  6. ____ Please do not bang on, swing, throw or drop microphones
  7. ____ Please do not over power the speakers. Green light on front of speaker should not turn red, damage can occur. No replacement during party.
  8. ____ Please do not point microphone at speaker. The feedback sound can damage the speaker. And your ears.
  9. ____ If outside, please stop using and cover equipment in case of rain.  (Electrical hazard). Please then call for pick up or equipment move.
  10. ____ Please call right away if you have any problems or questions. No refund if not allowed to rectify problem.
  11. ____ No bare feet near karaoke equipment. (Electrical hazard).
  12. ____ Only grounded electricity may be used with karaoke equipment indoors or outdoors (three pronged).
  13. ____ No karaoke equipment will be used within 20 feet of any open water including spas, pools or other water features (high risk).
  14. ____ Some cities including Manhattan Beach require a paid permit. Use equipment outside at your own risk. Equipment will not be moved inside due to neighbor complaint or police action. No refund.

I certify that I am accepting the equipment from Karaoke Guy in undamaged working order. Have received instruction for safe use and will abide by stated rules. I take financial responsibility for equipment safe keeping. 

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