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Pro Sound and Karaoke Systems $250

Delivered to hotels, restaurants, businesses, night clubs and larger homes. Can be used outside. Equipment is picked up at end of event the  same day. Why more expensive than home rental?

I want to book. Please send me a quote

Song List: By Artists or By Titles (up to date monthly.)

We also feature the “Platinum Spanish Pack” (Artists) (Titles)

13,000 + Songs * Key changer * Disco Light * Additional audio connection for playing I-pod or laptop * Flat screen and stand * Two 125 watt powered speakers * Speaker stands * Two microphones * 2 song books. No disc changing necessary simply use a remote. We set it all up!

tv player with mics Professional PA system  

Hosted Pro. Karaoke D.J (K.J) Including Sound and Karaoke System Package with unlimited number of songs.  Call for Quote: 310-910-2004

Need a KJ, DJ, or MC for your party or event? Why not book a party with Johnny Stewart as your host! Johnny’s Karaoke/DJ system for inside or outside home or club parties.
Bigger and Better also available. Full event sound.
JBL or EV speakers and Crown Amps
Complete 32 Band EQ
Complete audio monitor system with EQ
Lexicon sound effects
Shure SM58 mics
Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro
American JD Dual Deck

Custom Pro Sound & Lighting Systems for Much Larger Venues

For larger venues such as restaurants, night clubs, corporate events, convention centers, and hotels in Los Angeles and San Diego, we offer professional sound system packages!

Our powerful state-of-the-art sound systems are configured on site to accommodate everything from a small intimate gathering right up to a large venue event for a thousand people. With over 20,000 Watts of available power, we are able to accommodate outdoor events such as block parties, and corporate picnics with ease. All sound systems are tailored to meet your requirements.
Our Premium-Plus sound systems consist of:

Our largest system is tri-amped with the combined wattage of 7 thousand watts. We have played to 2,000 fans with this system. We also can sub contract to any size venue.

Our lighting system features stage lighting for karaoke and DJ lighting for dancing:

  • Two lighting trees
  • Two Par cans for spot-lighting karaoke singers
  • Two Vertigo D.J. lights
  • Two DJ Scans for dancing