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 We are listed with Dun and Bradstreet and are insured

  • 20141108_100017_resized_1Teen Pack includes two speakers, two microphones, songbook, remote, karaoke player, installation to your flat screen and instruction. A 9 year old understands it in five minutes.
  • $150 add a flat screen $25 delivery included within 10 miles of LAX included.

All packages are home resident packages. If your party is at a non-resident location: condo or apartment rec. room, restaurant, hotel etc. the minimum charge is $250 for my Pro. Package. It includes 13,000 songs including the teen package, silver and gold package songs and all equipment necessary for this type of venue. Why more?

Language can be a subjective issue with parents over contemporary lyrics.  I try to stay away from the questionable songs.  However some of the most popular songs use language subject to varying parenting threshold.  Please talk over with your young ones the songs to cross off the “teen list”. Any input will be appreciated. Many 9 year olds love singing the new contemporary songs.  I am trying to come up with a rating system. Also take a look at the website…

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