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Here are my home rental packages: We also have professional packages for offices, hotels, restaurants, apartment recreation rooms, convention spaces and churches. We only rent home packages to homes. Please see below for Professional packages

Teen Package $150 add t.v. and stand  for $25: Listings By (Artists) or by (Titles)

Silver Package (pick one) $125 add t.v. and stand for $25

These are classic packages pick one:
Party Pack 1 (1,234 songs) – more country (By Artist) (By Title)
Party Pack 2 (1,234 songs) – less country (By Artist) (By Title)
Party Pack 3 (1,234 songs) – Good Mix (By Artist) (By Title)
Gold Package: 3,700 songs $150 add t.v. and stand  for $25
Includes all three Party Packs from the Silver package.
Listing by Artists   Listing by Titles 
Platinum Package 13,000 songs! $175 add T.V. and stand  for $25
This package is updated monthly.
(Listing by Artists) or (Listing by titles)
Recent updates: By (Artists) or (by Titles)
Latin songs: added to Platinum Package $25  Artists or Titles
Our professional package:
Platinum Pro. 13,700 songs $250
includes t.v. with stand, speaker stands and disco light
 (By Artists) or (By Titles)  
Recent updates: By (Artists) or (by Titles)
Latin song package added by request at no extra charge.

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